The Inktanto benefits - whatís new with ARMORís rebranded Inkanto thermal transfer ribbons?

14 September 2018
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As many of you will be aware, ARMOR has recently rebranded their thermal transfer ribbon offering to become ARMOR Inkanto. As the largest manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons in the world, this rebranding marks a huge moment in ARMOR’s history. 

The Inkanto brand will still operate under ARMOR - the brand was created as an identity for thermal transfer within the company in order to differentiate this from ARMOR’s other offerings.

The ARMOR groups interests extend into many verticals, including haptic films, flexible solar film, and films for batteries. Each of these now operates under their own brands – Inkanto being one of these.  

On March 2018, after two years of preparing this strategic project with all ARMOR teams throughout the world, ARMOR began shipping the first rebranded ribbons under the Inkanto brand. 

Until now, thermal transfer has not had its own identity, something drastically changed by the bold distinctiveness of Inkanto. The rebranding is taking place product-by-product so if you haven’t yet seen the distinctive design and colours of the Inkanto ribbons in person, it won’t be long now. 

Image of ARMOR Inkanto ribbon

What does the new branding mean for you? 

Front and centre, ARMOR is keeping quality at the heart of the rebranding, an aspect they have established themselves for over the last ninety years, since their beginning as a company. The confidence in this quality is clear with all ARMOR Inkanto ribbons offering a lifetime guarantee for customers – a reflection of their excellence. 

The new brand is eye-catching, the visual identity making them instantly recognisable. The fun and bold colours used to decorate the ribbons are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also used for practical purposes to identify the ribbons from their three different categories: wax, wax-resin, and resin. 

The Inkanto thermal transfer ribbon offering comes with an unparalleled line of new services:  

  • Strong personality – the new branding gives the ribbons a unique look, marking them out from the crowd. This new appearance also includes innovative features both inside and outside the packaging to make them user-friendly.  
  • They are guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect in normal conditions of use and storage.  
Image of Inkanto ribbons and their packaging
  • The ribbons are easy to identify as products. The ‘one colour per product family’ design has been developed in order to reduce ribbon identification errors.  
  • Each box contains a complimentary cleaning wipe to prolong the life of your printer, printer head, and ribbons.  
  • The box and ribbon labels are simplified to give clear readability of important data: ribbon grade name, dimensions, printer compatibilities, and traceability data.  
  • Every Inkanto ribbon is delivered with an online certificate of conformity which the customer or user may download via a QR code on the label, accompanied by a technical contact form. 
  • Even the sample range has been revised, with each ribbon being presented in practical designer packaging. Samples can be provided individually or as part of a kit presenting the entire range of Inkanto ribbons. 

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