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22 February 2018  |  Mike
You can buy labels for the Zebra GK420d printer by clicking here
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You can buy the Zebra GK420d printer by clicking here
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As the owner of a Zebra GK420d printer, you may be unsure of which labels from the wide selection we supply are suitable for your printer. In this article, we'll explain which labels are suitable, and perhaps more importantly, which aren't suitable.

The Zebra GK420d printer is a DIRECT THERMAL printer - that is, it uses chemically treated, heat sensitive paper that blackens when it passes under the printer's thermal printhead - you can learn more about the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer labels here. So, the GK420d doesn't use any other consumables to print an image (so no inks or thermal transfer ribbons required). The D in GK420d stands for direct thermal - at this point it may be worth explaining that the sister model to the GK420d is the GK420t (where the t denotes thermal transfer) - this model can use both direct thermal and thermal transfer labels.

OK - so with the printing technology explained, let us understand about the physical attributes of labels suitable for the Zebra GK420d printer.

The Zebra GK420d is one of the desktop family of printers - so the Genuine Zebra labels we supply for the Zebra GK420d printer are supplied on 25mm cores (the cardboard tube on which the labels are rolled - note - labels for the Zebra industrial range of printers are supplied on 76mm cores and these aren't suitable for the Zebra GK420d.

The Zebra GK420d printer has a maximum label width of 102mm - that is the width of the label from left to right as it exits the printer.

So, when browsing  for labels suitable for your Zebra GK420d printer, simply :

Either follow this link


Hover your mouse over "NEW labels by model" in the navigation bar

Zebra labels for a specific model
Select Zebra GK420d labels from the dropdown menu

Labels for Zebra GK420d printers

You will be presented with ONLY those labels suitable for your Zebra GK420d and can further refine your search by selecting the labels width and label height in the left hand column - REFINE RESULTS 

If you require any further assistance or advice in relation to this or any other Zebra related matter, then  please don't hesitate to call us on 01978 437537 or you can request further information by clicking here.

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