Zebra TC25 review

Monday, 12 November 2018

The Zebra TC25 has been created for use on the road and therefore has been developed to feature a range of rugged tools and features in order to keep employees online at all times. 

To begin, the rugged smartphone looks feels and handles like a modern smartphone. It’s almost surprising how small the rugged smartphone is, which means almost anyone will instantly be familiar with it. However, unlike a normal smartphone, it provides a versatile and durable smartphone for business use on the road. 

As you’d expect with a smartphone, there’s WiFi, Bluetooth, and captive multi-touch. The battery is internal, like on most smartphones, but Zebra offers a snap-on "PowerPack" that can instantly be replaced with a freshly charged one. This ensures that users can take the phone on the road with them for the entire day without worrying about losing power.  

Perhaps the most important business feature is the barcode scanning abilities of the TC25, enabled by a real barcode scanner. While regular smartphone cameras can capture a barcode, it can take seconds to capture just one barcode, not including the time taken to align the barcode and camera. The real barcode scanner included in the TC25, made by the company that invented the scanner – Symbol Technologies, ensures that this scanning time is drastically cut, improving productivity. 


Based on Zebra’s own field testing, the smartphone has been shown to capture barcodes substantially quicker than consumer smartphones, increasing productivity and speed of on-the-road work. This isn’t surprising considering that the TC25 has been designed to execute data capture tasks.  

Zebra have also developed several accessories to support the phone, including a hand strap, additional power packs (as mentioned) and a trigger handle to reduce strain and improve efficiency for a number of tasks. The plethora of existing accessories mark the TC25 from the rugged smartphone market, making it the ideal phone for your on-the-road working needs.  

These rugged qualities would normally be found on far more expensive smartphones making the Zebra TC25, which comes in at under £400, quite frankly a steal. This is a milestone product which will transform the affordable rugged smartphone market. 


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