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Zebra printer types

We supply Genuine Zebra labels for all types of Zebra printers - these printers can be divided into 3 groups. It is important to note that due to the diameter of the cardboard core on which they are supplied, Zebra labels are specific to the printer group for which they are intended. To find out which Zebra printer you have, please see the list below or alternatively, please click here to contact us to discuss your requirements :

Zebra DESKTOP printers
Zebra LP2824 and Zebra TLP2824
Zebra LP2824Plus and Zebra TLP2824Plus
Zebra LP2844 and Zebra TLP2844
Zebra GC420d and Zebra GC420t
Zebra GK420d and Zebra Zebra GK420t
Zebra GC420d, Zebra GC420t and Zebra GX430t
Zebra GT800
Zebra ZD410
Zebra ZD420
Zebra ZD620
Zebra ZD220
Zebra ZD230

Labels for Zebra DESKTOP printers are supplied on 25mm (1") diameter cardboard cores

Zebra INDUSTRIAL printers
Zebra S4M
Zebra ZT220 and Zebra ZT230
Zebra Z4M, Zebra Z6M
Zebra ZM400, Zebra ZM600
Zebra 105SL, Zebra 105SL PLus
Zebra 96Xi
Zebra 110Xi, 110XiII, 110XiIII, 110Xi4
Zebra 140Xi, 140XiII, 140XiIII, 140Xi4 
Zebra 170Xi, 170XiII, 170XiIII, 170Xi4 
Zebra 220Xi, 220XiII, 220XiIII, 220Xi4 
Zebra ZT410 and ZT420
Zebra ZT411 and ZT421
Zebra ZT610 and ZT610

Labels for Zebra INDUSTRIAL printers are supplied on 76mm (3") diameter cardboard cores

Zebra MOBILE printers 
Zebra QLn220 & Zebra QL220
Zebra QLn320 & Zebra QL320
Zebra QLn420 & Zebra QL420
Zebra P4T
Zebra ZQ500
Zebra ZQ600

Labels for Zebra MOBILE printers are supplied on 19mm (3/4") diameter cardboard cores


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