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Within 30 days of delivery of the goods, if you find the product unsatisfactory, you are entitled to withdraw from this contract for a full credit or refund less any applicable delivery charges.

The goods must be unused and ‘as new and unopened’ with their original box and packaging including all manuals and accessories. While you possess the goods, you have a duty to take care of the goods. To ensure that the goods are not damaged during transit to us we advise you to return the goods with their original packaging.

Goods received back incomplete or in a damaged or used condition will either be returned to you and the cost of delivery charged to your account or we reserve the right to levy a surcharge on such returned goods at a minimum 15% of the invoice price. You must inform us within 30 days from delivery date and we will issue you with a ‘Returns Authorisation Number’. This ‘Returns Authorisation number’ will be valid for 7 days and it will be your responsibility to return the goods to us at your own cost and risk.

This is in accordance with the Distance Selling (Consumer Protection) Regulations.

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