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Zebra's range of mobile computers sets the standard for being dependable, flexible and fast as well as being designed for working conditions. Designed to increase innovation and productivity within your business, Zebra mobile computers are tools to make you work faster and smarter. 

Zebra TC25

Zebra TC25

Zebra TC25 rugged smartphone

Zebra TC20

Zebra TC20

Zebra TC20 mobile computer 

With a Zebra enterprise mobile computer in hand, workers can access the information, applications and people they need to get the job done. The result? Productivity is up and your customers experience the best service possible. When you choose Zebra, you’re in good company. The world’s largest retailers, manufacturers, transportation and logistics companies, field sales and service organisations, and healthcare providers rely on Zebra mobile computers every day to turbocharge their business. When it comes to mobility, one size doesn’t ft all. Maybe your workers need handheld mobile computers that are small, lightweight and literally pocketable; a rugged tablet; or rugged industrial devices that can handle the harshest environments and heaviest usage. Maybe your workers need the hands-free scanning convenience that only a wearable mobile computer can offer. Maybe you need a fixed mount computer on forklifts in the warehouse — or delivery trucks out in the feld. Or maybe you need them all. With our comprehensive portfolio, you can fnd the right device for every worker, every application and every environment. With Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, your workers
stay connected to supervisors, co-workers, customers and the peripherals they need to get the job done — whether they are inside your facility or out on the road. Capture a world of data, automatically — any kind of barcode, photographs, video footage, signatures and GPS location data to RFID tags and even direct part marks. Patented scanning and imaging technology delivers laser-quality speed on virtually every barcode — even if it is dirty or scratched. World-class GPS technology gives workers access to location-based applications in more areas — including inside buildings and deep urban canyons. Crystal clear audio ensures quality voice communications. Zebra’s Enterprise voice solution enables pushto-talk calls between different device types — such as mobile computers, many popular mobile phones and two-way radios that operate on different networks. And with a full complement of accessories, devices are easily tailored to meet specifc market needs, expanding device functionality and delivering a maximum return on your hardware investment


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