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Zebra wristbands

Zebra's thermal printers and direct-print Z-Band wristband solutions are easy-to-use, fit a wide variety of environments and require minimal IT support. Whether for patient ID wristbands, or access control at events or amusement parks, Zebra wristbands are affordable, safe, durable and comfortable to wear. All ID wristbands print information directly on the surface, eliminating the need for labels. 

Zebra wristband cartridges for use in the Zebra ZD510-HC & HC100 wristband printer

Zebra wristband cartridges for use in the Zebra ZD510-HC & HC100 wristband printer

Wristbands for Zebra's ZD510-HC & HC100 dedicated wristband printers

Zebra desktop printer wristbands

Zebra desktop printer wristbands

The direct thermal wristbands for Zebra desktop printers 

​Our hospitality wristbands (Z-Band Fun & Splash) enable cashless point of sale and access management while enhancing each guest's experience. Using Zebra's thermal print-on-demand barcoded amusement park and attraction wristbands, you can reduce ticket fraud and improve transaction speeds.

Zebra's Z-Band thermal wristbands allow you to print information and barcodes directly on the wristbands. Whether for patient ID, or access control at events or amusement parks, Z-Band wristbands are durable, affordable and comfortable to wear.

Z-Band Fun wristbands are one day, direct thermal polypropylene wristband with adhesive closure. Available in 7 colours. Perfect for attractions with minimal water exposure such as carnivals, amusement parks, festivals, zoos, concerts and night clubs. Meanwhile, Z-Band Splash wristbands have been designed for multi-day use. They are durable and have a water-resistant adhesive which makes them great for excessive water exposure. This makes them perfect for water parks and resorts.  

Water park


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