Zebra thermal transfer printer ribbons optimised for Zebra printers.

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Zebra thermal transfer printer ribbons are made by Zebra, for Zebra printers, to the highest standards.  Using genuine Zebra printer ribbons will give optimum printer performance and minimise printhead wear and tear. By using Zebra thermal transfer printer ribbons, you can be sure of consistent performance and can eliminate scanning and printing issues that you may experience with other manufacturers’ ribbons. 

Zebra desktop ribbons

A range of thermal transfer ribbons for Zebra desktop printers (TLP2844, GC420t, GX420t, ZD410, ZD420 etc).

Zebra industrial ribbons

A range of thermal transfer ribbons for Zebra industrial printers (Stripe, S4M, ZT220, ZT230, ZM400, ZM600, 105SL etc)

Zebra print engine ribbons

A range of thermal transfer ribbons for Zebra print engines (ZE500, 110PAX & 170PAX).

Why use Zebra wax and resin ribbons?

Zebra branded thermal ribbons are formulated to provide quality, durable results when used in any Zebra thermal transfer printer. There are three compounds used on these ribbons, each designed for a different printing requirement

  • Wax coated ribbons, engineered to up print up to 12 inches per second. Ideal for standard printing on coated paper material, but provides only minimal resistant to scratching and smudging.

  • Wax/resin compound ribbons. Provides superior resistance to chemicals and abrasion, and suitable for printing on paper and matte synthetic materials.

  • Premium Resin ribbons for excellent scuff, smudge and abrasion resistance. Suitable for outdoor environments, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Can print on gloss synthetics.

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