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Industrial applications – chemical labels 

Labels within the chemical industry are required to be of the highest standard in order to comply with GHS and/or BS5609 standards. We are proud to stock premium labels and ribbons from both Zebra and ARMOR to comply with these legislations.  

Our dedicated team provide an understanding of the requirements for hazard warning labels and product branding labels manufactured for chemical drums, containers and bottles and are happy to help with any enquiries regarding the correct labels and thermal transfer ribbons to be using.

Chemical drum labels 

Chemical drum labels communicate information relating to the drum’s contents, plus any risk to health or the environment associate with spillage at a glance.   

Chemical drum labels need to withstand the demands of harsh environments and fulfil BS5609 requirements which state that labels must always remain attached to the drum and legible, including when immersed in seawater for up to three months.  

Chemical hazard labels  

All Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods need to be labelled appropriately with long-term legibility in mind, ensuring the highest levels of safety are maintained.  Hazardous chemicals need to be labelled in the appropriate way in order to achieve GHS compliance. 

Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods require clearly identifiable and visible labels on the outer packaging in order to be transported safely. They require BS5609 warning labels, transport diamonds and chemical hazard labels to ensure goods remain clearly labelled from despatch to destination. 

Our recommended ribbons conform to BS5609 marine approved classification.  


Zebra’s premium resin ribbons provide excellent scuff, smudge and abrasion resistance. They are suitable for outdoor environments, chemicals and extreme temperatures and can also print on gloss synthetics. 

Zebra 5095 performance resin provides superior resistance to scratches, smears, extreme temperatures and chemicals. Low energy requirements allow this ribbon to provide excellent print quality and high print speeds. UL & CSA recognized with various Zebra materials. It is also compliant with BS5609 regulations when combined with the correct labels.  

image of Zebra resin 5095 thermal transfer ribbon


ARMOR provide a lower cost alternative without losing any ribbon quality.  
The following ARMOR ribbons in our range are compatible for chemical industries:

  • AXR8 resin is a premium resin is dedicated to applications requiring a perfect printing quality and offers an excellent smudge, scratch, solvent and temperature resistance. (up to 250 degrees).  
  • Armor T12826ZA AXR7+ resin is a super-premium resin is dedicated to applications requiring a perfect printing quality and offers an excellent smudge and scratch resistance and good heat resistance, up to 180 degrees.  

The ribbon structure allows printing on many kinds of synthetics (PVC, PET, PE, PP) and on various matt and glossy coated papers  

Both ribbons are widely used within chemical industries with the ribbons benefitting from BS5609 compliant solutions to guarantee the durability of the printed labels.  

Both ribbons are available in generic inside or outside wound options which are compatible with the CAB XC4 / CAB XC6 / CAB XC series - max diameter of 360m 

With ARMOR’s selection of premium black and red resin inks, end users can:  

  • Print chemical drum labels with a high level of resistance to smudges, scratches and solvents.  
  • Fulfil the requirements of the GHS standard printing black and red symbols in addition to pre-defined warning messages. 
  • Benefit from BS5609 compliant solutions to guarantee the durability of the printed labels. 
Image of ARMOR AXR8 resin thermal transfer ribbon


For GHS and BS5609 compliant bespoke labels please get in touch with us on 01978 437537 or to discuss your requirements.  


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