Zebra desktop printers. Barcode and label printers.

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Zebra's portfolio of compact, feature-rich desktop printers is ideal for situations that are tight on space but require high-quality, reliable direct thermal or thermal transfer printing. Built for ease-of-use, the offer a broad range of connectivity options, making them ideal for countless low-to mid-volume label printing applications.

Zebra ZD411

Zebra's 2-inch ZD411 desktop printers are compact and designed to fit almost anywhere. 

Zebra ZD421

Zebra's new ZD421 direct thermal and thermal transfer printers deliver advanced features for a new era of intelligence and forward flexibility.

Zebra ZD220

Provides a cost-effective and dependable print experience for the cost-conscious. 

Zebra ZD230

4-inch value desktop printer with 300m ribbon capacity and more connectivity options

Zebra ZD621

ZD621 delivers next-generation, best-in-class features – along with outstanding print quality and forward adaptability.

Zebra ZD420

Direct thermal and thermal transfer printers providing a new level of ease of use, application flexibility and available in 203dpi and 300dpi versions.

Zebra ZD620

Rising above the conventional desktop printer with premium print quality.

Zebra ZD410

Zebra's smallest offering - the ZD410 has a max print width of 56mm. 

Zebra ZD500

Offering high-resolution print quality and quadruple connectivity options, the ZD500 is compact and feature-packed for top performance. 

Zebra 2824 Plus

The compact design allows this fast print speed printer to fit anywhere.

Zebra GK series

Easy to use & compact, they are the perfect investment for companies wanting to automate their processes. 

Zebra GX series

A smart investment that fits almost any low-to mid-volume printing application and budget.

Why use Zebra desktop printers?

Zebra understands that as business and supply chains change, so too does the need for specialised printing solutions. It's because of this rapidly evolving market that Zebra Technologies have expanded and updated their desktop printing product range, making it a great time to consider buying a Zebra printer.

Desktop printers, such as the Zebra ZD410, Zebra ZD421, ZD621, GK and GT series, to name a few, are a great solution for low to mid volume printing applications. Thanks to the high manufacturing quality of the entire product line, you can be reassured of a bold, smudge-resistant print finish, ideal for barcode, label, and card printing.

One of the fastest growing areas of our business for desktop printers has been dental practices. Zebra makes it quick and easy to print personalised appointment cards for patients; many popular models, such as the ZD410, GC420, and GK420, among others, are fully compatible with many popular dental practice management software suites.

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