Zebra thermal transfer ribbon optimised for Zebra industrial printers

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Get quality, durable results with genuine Zebra ribbons. Choose from three formulations of thermal ribbons to match your application’s needs:
• Wax ribbons for standard printing on paper materials
• Wax/resin ribbons for excellent resistance to chemicals on paper and synthetic materials
• Resin ribbons provide ultimate durability against chemicals and heat on synthetic materials


Wax ribbons

Zebra 1600, 2300 & Zebra 2100
Best for: general label applications (address labels, warehouse labels, retail labels etc.) 


Wax / resin ribbons

Zebra 3400 & Zebra 3200
Best for: smear & smudge resistant general label applications. Good for printing onto semi-gloss paper of synthetic labels. 


Resin ribbons

Zebra 4800 & Zebra 5095
Best for: printing synthetic materials going into harsh environments - Resin makes the labels virtually indestructible (outdoor labels, automotive labels, pharmaceutical labels etc). 

Zebra thermal transfer ribbons for industrial printers 

Genuine Zebra thermal transfer ribbons for Zebra mid-range, industrial and high performance printers - ribbons supplied on 25mm cores. These ribbons are suitable for Zebra S4M, Zebra ZT220 (maximum 300m ribbons), Zebra ZT230, Zebra ZM400, Zebra ZM600, Zebra 105SL, Zebra 105SLPlus, Zebra 110Xi4, Zebra 140Xi4, Zebra 170Xi4 and Zebra 220Xi4.
The range consists of :
Zebra 2300 series wax ribbons and Zebra 2100 series wax ribbons
Zebra 3400 series wax/resin ribbons and Zebra 3200 series wax/resin ribbons
Zebra 4800 series resin ribbons and Zebra 5095 series resin ribbons

What is the difference between wax, wax/resin and resin thermal transfer ribbons? 

  • Wax ribbons are the lowest cost choice, they are ideal for general label applications such as address labels. However, wax ribbons are the softest ribbons making them vulnerable to smudging and scratching. 

  • Wax/resin ribbons are suitable if you are printing onto semi-gloss paper or synthetic labels, they combine wax and resin to make the ribbons smudge and smear resistant. 

  • Resin ribbons are the hardest type of ribbon, being scratch and chemical resistant. Resin ribbons are the best choice for printing onto synthetic labels which will be going into harsh environments where the print needs to be resistant against scratching, smearing, liquid, chemicals and extreme temperatures. 

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