Streamline your service with appointment cards

5 September 2018
Our appointment cards are popular with dentists, doctors, hairdressers & veterinarians across the UK. They are a great way of creating personalised, on-demand reminders for patients and clients and are credit-card sized to conveniently fit into a wallet or purse. 
They are all compatible with all Zebra desktop printers including the following models including the LP2824, LP2844, GC420, GK420, GX420, ZD410 and ZD420 

The cards are compatible with most Dental Practice Software System including:  
• Software of Excellence (SOE)  
• Denstys ** 
• Pearl *** 

Our blank appointment cards are consistently one of our bestsellers, and this is because we understand reliability and ease-of-use is critical to any busy practice. The cards are a quick and effortless way of creating professional looking appointment reminder cards and are a cost-effective way of helping remind your patients or customers of their next appointment. 

Our customers use these appointment cards across a variety of industries from NHS dental practices to tattoo parlours.

Image of Zebra printer with appointment cards being printed Image of blank appointment cards for Zebra printers

Why use appointment cards? 

The quality and bespoke element ensures that they’re versatile across services and trades, manufactured to last between appointments. 

The blank cards allow you to streamline your client service, increase a professional appearance and reduce clients frequently missing appointments, increasing productivity.  We provide a bespoke product, produced to exacting specifications with our customers and their practices in mind. Our cards are manufactured with high-quality, smudge-resistant stock. We don’t compromise on quality because we know it can be months before a patients next appointment, and your appointment cards need to last that long.  

  • *Software of excellence is the trademark of the Henry Schein Group 

  • ** Denstys is the trademark of Denstys Ltd 

  • *** Pearl is the trademark of BHA Software 

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