Finding the best ARMOR Inkanto wax ribbon for your thermal transfer printer

5 December 2018
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When selecting which ARMOR Inkanto thermal transfer ribbons for your business to use, the vast selection can be daunting – that’s why we are here to help.  

Wax ribbons are the most cost-friendly and widely used of the thermal transfer family. ARMOR’s wax ribbons are largely used for shipping labels, product tags, distribution labels, and product labels – all of which are suitable applications for a soft ribbon. These are applications which are non-specialist and not designed for long-life durability, rather they are for everyday purposes which most businesses require.  

Our wax offering includes ARMOR’s AWR470 and AWR8 and we’re here to explain which of the two is more suitable for your business needs.  

ARMOR’s AWR470 is the only ribbon on the market produced without using any solvent, enabling users to reduce their carbon footprint. It has excellent blackness which gives the ribbon very high covering power enabling printing even on the rough label materials.  

The AWR470, as a benchmark product in its sector since its creation in 1986, has traditionally been ARMOR’s highest-selling wax ribbon.  


Image of ARMOR Inkanto AWR 470
However, the newer introduction of the AWR8 is changing this. Sold at a cheaper price, yet considered to be higher in quality, the AWR8 would be our recommendation for businesses looking for wax ribbons for shipping and product labels.  
Image of ARMOR Inkanto AWR 8 thermal transfer wax ribbon

The AWR 8 is one of the latest ARMOR innovation products. Its level of performance and price make it one of the fastest-growing products in its category. Its excellent blackness and low cost make it an incredibly competitive product in the thermal transfer ribbon market. While it is the standard ribbon from the ARMOR wax range, it doesn’t make any compromise to quality and printing performance and therefore matches all criteria expected by a traditional wax application. 

The AWR8 is suitable for standard labelling applications, the ribbon compatible with most blank and pre-printed labels. Meanwhile, the low energy required to transfer the ink also keeps costs down and it helps to protect the print head – a key element of the printing process.  

For any further questions or information about switching to the AWR 8 and which ribbons are suitable for your thermal transfer printer, please do get in touch with us on 01978 437537 or 
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