Armor Inkanto’s AWR470 – the only sol free ribbon in the world

10 September 2019
Armor AWR470 solvent free ribbons

It is becoming more and more important for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint and make sure that printing processes are done in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This can be quite challenging when traditionally, thermal transfer ribbon manufacturing uses solvents during the coating process. 

However, Armor Inkanto have developed the world’s first ribbon which is coated without using solvents, including for the backcoating – the AWR470. The innovative wax ribbon represents a saving of 365g of CO2 compared to the same ribbon (with average dimensions) produced with a traditional process for the backcoating. A benchmark product in its sector since its creation in 1986, AWR470 wax ribbons allow users to reduce their carbon footprint and take a more eco approach to their printing needs.  

This is a major step forward made by Armor for the industry and represents their innovative nature as a business. Using Armor Inkanto’s wax AWR470 eco-friendly ribbons can reduce users carbon footprint by up to 70% compared to traditional ribbons when the entire process is compared.  

The AWR 470 is ARMOR's traditional and highest-selling wax ribbon. This is largely because it is well known for its high coverage ability which is essential for printing the rough materials widely used in logistics. The eco-friendly wax ribbons are general-purpose ribbons which are particularly adapted to standard label printing on uncoated paper labels. The ink provides excellent printing quality of standard barcodes, very small text, large characters and logos. 

Suggested applications are - shipping and receiving, inventory tracking, warehousing and distribution. 

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Armor AWR470 solvent free ribbons


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