Introducing the Zebra ZD200 series

15 August 2019
Zebra ZD200 series

The ZD200 Series is the most well-built, easy-to-maintain, and simple-to-use printers in its class. The series made up of the ZD220 and ZD230 are entry-level desktop printers offering Zebra quality at a value-class printer price. Ideal for the cost-conscious who are focused on quality, the ZD200 series offers quality construction with exceptional value. 

The primary industry uses are:  

  • Transportation and logistics

  • Manufacturing 

  • Retail e-commerce 


The ZD220 is the more basic of the two ZD200 models with only one connectivity option (USB) and without the ability for the thermal transfer models to utilise 300m ribbons – as the ZD230 models can. The ZD220 delivers a reliable printer of high quality with the simple features required for low-to-mid printing, all at an affordable price. The ZD220 is engineered with Zebra quality, designed to last for years.  

The series has been designed for customers looking for a lower price point when purchasing their label printer and therefore has a modest feature set and requires minimal training. With a single LED indicator and single button for pause/feed, the entry-level printer is simple to operate across the team.  Available in both direct thermal and thermal transfer the ZD230 a perfect cost-effective solution for those looking to replace their Zebra GC420 printer or step into the Zebra market for low-to-mid levels of label printing.  


Zebra ZD200 printer
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Part of the same ZD200 series, the ZD230 builds on the features and connectivity options that come with the ZD220. Unlike the ZD220 printer, the ZD230 comes with a number of interface options. These range from the basic USB connectivity to Wi-Fi at the premium end for networked, remote printing.  Meanwhile, the thermal transfer printers within the ZD230 range also have the capacity to accept both 74m and 300m ribbons, usually reserved for industrial printers. This allows the user to lengthen time between media changes, increasing productivity across the team. Therefore, the ZD230 desktop printer gives users additional features and reliable operation while still offering an affordable price.   

As with the ZD220, the ZD230 is incredible intuitive to use and simple to operate. It also has the classic Zebra clamshell design, synonymous with Zebra desktop printers, which allows for fast and easy media change. Both of the models within the ZD200 series also offer additional media-handling options – a factory installed peeler or cutter to make media handling faster and easier.  

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