What are the differences between Zebra’s TC52 and TC57 touch computers?

19 June 2020
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Since their release in 2018 the TC5X Series has been a bestseller in the rugged touch computer market proving themselves as the best in their field for both indoor and outdoor use. Building on the success of the TC51/TC56, the TC52 and TC57 provide the ultimate user experience - with the simplicity of Android and all the business features that workers need to maximise productivity. 

There is however one very important question to consider when researching the devices – what are the key differences between the TC52 and TC57 and which one is more suitable for your business needs? 

The key difference between the two devices is that the TC52 is Wi-Fi only (WLAN) whereas the TC57 also has cellular capabilities (WWAN).  Zebra characterise this difference by identifying the TC52 as a device for ‘inside the four walls’ i.e. for businesses such as retail and warehouse management. Whereas they describe the TC57 as a device for ‘outside the four walls’ for industries such as transportation and field mobility. The TC57 has 4G and LTE and is the only device of the two that offers true GPS, an important feature for many delivery drivers.  

When deciding which of the two devices to purchase, you need to ask yourself where the device is going to be used, inside the four walls or outside?  

Differences between the TC52 and TC57

Once you’ve decided whether you’re looking for a WLAN or WWAN enabled device, the TC52 and TC57 are similar in all other aspects. Both devices come with an advanced 1D and 2D barcode scanner (SE4710 imager) allowing for first-time every-time capture of barcodes, labels and documents. They also both feature 13MP rear colour cameras which are ideal for high resolution photos (often used for proof of delivery) and videos, as well as a 5MP front-facing colour camera for facial recognition, video calls and much more. 

Both devices look identical with a 5-inch High-Definition (1280x720) touchscreen display which is easy to read in direct sunlight. The easy, familiar and flexible multi-touch operation works even when wet, with a gloved finger or a stylus. Both have also been developed as rugged devices, with a 4-foot drop rating that can be increased to 6 foot with the use of a rubber boot. They are engineered for the enterprise, inside and out. You can drop it in water or on concrete and use it in dusty areas, out in the rain or snow — and still expect reliable operation. The unibody design provides extra impact protection for the sensitive electronics. 

Additionally, both handheld computers use a 4150mAh PowerPrecision+ warm-swappable battery which can deliver up to 14 hours of power. With Warm Swap mode, swapping batteries is fast and easy — there’s no need to turn off the device or close active apps. And with fast charging, batteries are fully charged and ready to go in record time. 


  • TC52: Wi-Fi Only; TC57 Wi-Fi and Cellular (4G LTE)  

  • Android 8.1 (Oreo) 

  • 4150mAh PowerPrecision+ warm-swappable batteries 

  • 5-inch High-Definition (1280x720) touchscreen display 

  • Advanced 1D and 2D barcode scanner (SE4710 imager) 

  • 4-foot drop rating that can be increased to 6 foot with the use of a rubber boot 

  • 13MP rear colour camera & a 5MP front-facing colour camera 

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