Introducing the Zebra ZD510-HC wristband printer

10 September 2018
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Launched in August 2018, the ZD510-HC is Zebra’s latest offering in wristband printing solutions. Created to coincide with the NHS’s 70th anniversary, the printer was designed with the healthcare industry in mind.  

In the healthcare sector, mistaken patient identification results in dangerous and costly medical errors – patient identification errors lead to 13% of all surgical mistakes and 67% of transfusion mix-ups. Wristbands help to prevent these life-threatening errors and ensure that the right patient receives the right tests, diagnosis and surgical procedures.  

However, not all wristband printing solutions are equal. Barcodes can often smear or fade and wristbands can be uncomfortable for the wearer, causing them to remove them.  

This is why the ZD510-HC has been launched. As the industry’s easiest-to-use wristband printer, the machine is easy to clean and sanitize, easy to deploy and manage and ADT (admission, discharge, and transfercompatible. It also has a comprehensive number of connectivity options and is the easiest loading in the world – just pop in the wristband cartridge and you’re ready to go.  

The cartridges are compatible with both ZD510-HC and HC100 printers, meaning that HC100 customers can use their existing inventory. This means that you’re also able to use your existing applications and wristband formats, allowing minimal disruption to your operations.  

Purpose built to meet the unique needs of healthcare users and environments the disinfectant-ready plastics can withstand common hospital cleaning chemicals. However, these durable and high-quality wristbands also have a number of alternative uses from school trips to sporting events and night clubs.  

What's New with the Zebra ZD510-HC? 

ZD510-HC vs. HC100  

Link-OS and Print DNA  

Offers common user experience and management with other Zebra Link-OS mobile, industrial and desktop printers.  

Comprehensive toolset for deployment and management.  

Access to Zebra’s managed services.  


More standard connectivity features and modern wireless communications 

  • Ethernet, USB, USB Host and Bluetooth Low Energy are all standard with 802.11 as an option
    Print touch for pairing to a mobile device and quick access to helpful information. 
    Real-time clock.  

The ZD510-HC also marks the launch of Print DNA which is a combination of productivity, management, development and visibility tools. Print DNA solves common pain points related to printer deployments, streamlining your business processes, improving operational efficiency and reducing development and deploy time and cost.  

Why should you buy the ZD510-HC? 

1) Industry’s only foolproof media cartridge — pop it in and print. The ZD510-HC, along with its predecessor HC100, is the only wristband printer that offers easy loading wristband cartridges. Users just need to insert the cartridge and they’re ready to print. No more printer jams, calibration problems or other loading issues. The ZD510-HC’s ease of use virtually eliminates support calls for wristband loading issues — enabling admissions personnel to focus on the patient, not the printer. 

2) Upgrading is easy as 1, 2, 3. No matter what kind of wristband printing solution you have, it’s easy to upgrade to the ZD510-HC. It’s backwards compatible with the HC100 and uses the same wristband cartridges. There’s native ZPL support for easy migration from Zebra desktop printers. Using another vendor’s printer? The ZD510-HC can use languages associated with other printer brands. And the ZD510-HC offers all the latest wired and wireless connectivity and is validated for use with leading ADT Systems.  

3) Got scanning issues? Not anymoreZebra design, produce and rigorously pre-test their own line of Z-Band wristbands to ensure first-scan readability — even for narrow barcodes on today’s wristbands. Independent testing showed that Z-Bands were two to six times more durable than leading competitors after repeated exposure to common hand sanitizers. You can be confident that Z-Band barcodes will remain scannable for longer than the average patient stay.   

4) You’ve got a trusted partner in Zebra. They are committed to providing the latest in healthcare technology to help you provide better care. Their expertise in patient identification speaks for itself. 14 of the Top 20 Hospitals on the U.S. News 2017-2018 Best Hospitals Honor Roll use Zebra wristbands — and since 1998, over two billion patients globally were identified by Zebra wristbands. 

5) Zebra Link-OS and Print DNA for unmatched value. Zebra Print DNA applications, utilities and developer tools provide powerful new features that no other competitive product can offer — features that simplify everything from integration to day-to-day management. The ZD510-HC supports Link-OS and includes the new PrintSecure utility that makes it easy to fine-tune printer security to protect sensitive patient data.  

Return of Investment:  

Improve staff productivity 
Reduce wait times at admissions 
Reduce scanning problems at the point of care and patient identification errors  
Minimize training requirements for wristband printing  
Reduce management time  
Cost-effective upgrade from HC100 — use your existing wristband inventory  

If you’re ready to upgrade your business and print wristbands using the new ZD510-HC click on the following button:  

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