Z-Band Fun and Z-Band Splash Wristbands

26 April 2019
Zebra's innovative print-on-demand, bar-coded wristbands provide a cost-effective solution for entertainment and hospitality industries. Brightly coloured and durable, they’re both fun and practical, enabling cashless point-of-sale and access management.

Using a Zebra bar-code printer (desktop or wristband printer) and direct-thermal Z-Band Fun or Z-Band Splash wristbands you can:

  • Reduce ticket fraud – and the revenue losses associated with counterfeits and theft 
          – Z-Band wristbands are blank and don’t have value until they’re printed on demand
          – They can be printed with the guest’s name for access verification
          – They’re tamper-evident and non-transferable, and include everything paid for on one wristband
  • Improve transaction speeds. Employees simply scan a bar code instead of exchanging cash and working cash registers 
  • Enhance each guest’s experience. Guests enjoy increased convenience and can be rewarded with special offers and benefits
  • Enjoy lower total cost of ownership compared to RFID wristbands. While bar-coded Z-Band Fun and Z-Band Splash offer cashless payment and patron data-capture benefits similar to RFID, the bar-coded bands cost significantly less. 
Zebra wristbands

We offer two types of wristband - Z-Band Fun and Z-Band Splash. The key difference is that Z-Band Splash bands are water-resistant and are ideal for water parks and resorts. 

Z-Band Fun

  • Adhesive closure
  • One-day use
  • Minimal water exposure
  • Great for carnivals, amusement parks, fairs, festivals,
    theme parks, zoos, aquariums, sporting events, concerts and nightclubs

Z-Band Splash

  • Adhesive closure
  • Multi-day use
  • Durable, water-resistant adhesive great for excessive water exposure
  • Perfect for water parks, resorts and cruise lines


The wristbands come in two forms:
- On a roll - suitable with Zebra desktop printers requiring wrsitbands on 25mm cores (eg ZD410 etc).
- In a wristband cartridge for Zebra ZD510 or HC100 wrsitband cartridge printers. 
It is very important that you order the correct product as the wristbands will not work with the incorrect printer. 

To browse our cartridge wristbands for Zebra ZD510 or HC100 wrsitband cartridge printers click on the following link: 
To browse our on roll wristbands suitable with Zebra desktop printers requiring wrsitbands on 25mm cores click on the following link:


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