Why Zebra's ZD230 is the ideal printer for small and medium-sized businesses

18 October 2023

With the ZD230, Zebra have built the ultimate label and receipt desktop printer for small and medium-sized businesses. This is because this compact yet sturdy printer provides extra features and reliable operation at an affordable price. Built to last for years, the ZD230 is the ideal printer for your business - from printing shipping and returns labels, product identification labels, receipts and more - and we're here to tell you why... 

Unlike the ZD220 (which is part of the same printer family) the ZD230 gives you the choice of simple to use connection options. This starts at the basic standard level with a simple USB connection. You can however, choose to add Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity within the various models available. 

If your business is new to Zebra printers, the ZD230 is a perfecting starting point due to the ease of installation.  Easily design and print a variety of tickets, tags, passes, labels and receipts up to 4 inches wide, for a broad range of industries including transportation and logistics, light manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. Media changes are quick with Zebra’s OpenACCESS™ clamshell design to keep your workflows moving. This ease of use extends to operation of the printer - a single LED indicator and single button for feed/pause makes the printer incredibly easy to use and identify the printer status. 

As well as the choice of connectivity options, with the ZD230 you can also choose between direct thermal or thermal transfer models - depending on your requirements. For those that are unfamiliar, direct thermal and thermal transfer refers to the two different methods of thermal printing. Each method uses a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface being marked. 
Direct thermal printing uses chemically treated, heat-sensitive media that blackens when it passes under the thermal printhead, while thermal transfer printing uses a heated ribbon to produce durable, long-lasting images on a wide variety of materials.
Direct thermal printed labels typically have a considerable shelf life but are not well suited for environments that expose them to heat, long periods of direct sunlight, or abrasion. Shipping labels and receipts are ideal applications, for instance, while product labels are not. Whereas, thermal transfer printing products long-life image stability as well as crisp, high definition text, graphic and barcode print quality for maximum readability and scannability. This makes thermal transfer printing ideal for product labels. 

With the ZD230 you're getting a printer that's designed to last for years - a real investment for your business. Engineered with Zebra quality, ZD230 boasts a dual-wall construction and is ENERGY STAR® qualified to reduce your operational expenses. Peace of mind comes in the form of a two-year hardware warranty against manufacturers fault as a standard.

This printer is a perfect starting point for any small to medium business looking to introduce Zebra label printers into their setup. With it's sturdy design, multiple options and very affordable price get the best possible printing experience with the ZD230.

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