The indestructible Zebra 3600 Series designed for warehouse use

27 March 2019

The manufacturing floor can be an incredibly destructive place – often standard technology is not strong or rugged enough to survive the frequent drops and high levels of dust associated with the space. That’s why Zebra have created the 3600 series of scanners which are ready for the world’s toughest environments. 

Designed by Zebra to capture virtually any barcode, the 3600 Series are loaded with features that deliver unstoppable performance. It makes for a truly dependable, fast and accurate scanner. Meanwhile its rugged features make it an ideal imager for warehouse operations.  

The Series is available in several different models – the LI3608/3678 models are 1D scanners. This means that they are only able to scan traditional 1D linear barcodes. Meanwhile, the DS3608/3678 models are 2D scanners meaning that they can capture more information through more complex 2D barcodes. For more information about the difference between 1D and 2D barcodes, visit the following page:

The 3600 Series also comes in a number of different options when it comes to the range and performance of the scanner. The Standard Range version is the scanner we all know well and best. The Extended Range version allows users to capture virtually all barcodes up to 56ft away. This provides the ultimate in versatility – workers can capture codes on the top of warehouse racks as well as the ones right infront of them. The High-Performance models allows for superior data capture and the High-Density models allows users the advance capture of high-density barcodes which are common elements in electronics manufacturing.   

Zebra 3600 series
All the 3600 Series scanners have been developed with the intended environment in mind – the warehouse. The scanners are dust-tight, spray proof and waterproofed to IP67, with an IP65-sealed cradle for the cordless models. A series of tests also show the scanners to be able to withstand multiple 8-foot drops onto concrete. This ruggedness is required on the manufacturing floor and will save individuals from having to replace their scanners often. 

The Series also comes with excellent scanning performance. The scanners can handle it all, from damaged or dirty barcodes to barcodes hidden under shrink-wrap. The second to none performance will make your workers more productive and save both time and money in the long run.   

Meanwhile, with Zebra’s complimentary industry-best tools, managing these scanners couldn’t be easier. You can remotely configure and upgrade your scanners, format data properly for instant transmission into your business applications, monitor battery statistics for your cordless models and more. 

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