Zebra ET40 vs ET45: Choosing the Right Rugged Tablet for Your Business

14 May 2024

Zebra ET40 vs ET45: Choosing the Right Rugged Tablet for Your Business

Zebra's ET40 and ET45 are both powerful rugged tablets built for enterprise use. But with some key differences, choosing the right one depends on your specific needs. Let's break down the key factors to consider:


  • ET40: WiFi 6 only. Ideal for indoor environments like warehouses or retail stores with reliable WiFi access.
  • ET45: WiFi 6 and 5G. Perfect for field workers who need to stay connected on the go, even in areas with spotty WiFi.


  • ET40: Cost-effective option for tasks like inventory management, point-of-sale, or light data collection within a WiFi zone.
  • ET45: Supports demanding applications that require constant connectivity, like field service calls, delivery routes, or remote asset management.


Both the ET40 and ET45 are built tough to withstand drops, dust, and extreme temperatures. The ET40 and ET45 are both MIL-STD-810H certified, meaning they can survive drops, dust, and water immersion. They also feature Corning Gorilla Glass displays for added scratch resistance. Whether you're using them in a warehouse, on a delivery route, or in a retail store, you can be confident that these tablets can handle it.

Other Considerations:

  • Battery Life: Both offer long-lasting battery life to power a full shift. Get constant power with an optional hot-swappable secondary battery — ideal for multiple shifts.
  • Display: Available in 8-inch and 10-inch screen sizes for user preference.
  • Scanning: integrated barcode scanner for efficient data capture (ET40 comes with a SE4100 scanner whereas the ET45 comes with a SE4710 scanner). 

In Short:

  • Choose ET40 for: Cost-conscious deployments within reliable WiFi zones.
  • Choose ET45 for: Mobile workforces requiring constant connectivity and data access anywhere.

Choosing Between the ET40 and ET45

The main difference between the ET40 and ET45 is cellular connectivity. If you need a tablet for indoor use, the Wi-Fi-only ET40 is a great option. If you need to stay connected on the go, then the ET45 with cellular connectivity is the better choice

The ET40 and ET45 also come with a wide range of available accessories - making these tablets easier to carry, more rugged and more versatile through solutions that add new capabilities. The multi-slot and desktop charging cradles simplify backroom device management. Protective and carrying accessories enhance durability and portability and create a kiosk and more with the Presentation stand. 

To browse our range of Zebra ET40 and ET45 devices see the following link: https://www.smartlabelling.co.uk/zebra-et40-et45-enterprise-tablets.html 


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