What can the Zebra-TC25 do for your business?

25 September 2018

This year, Zebra technologies released its new mobile computer offering – the TC25 rugged smartphone. This marks the company looking to broaden their offerings to include workers in challenging environments.  

Aimed at workers in small – medium businesses looking to expand their working operations, the Zebra TC25 features a range of features and tools to increase innovation and productivity within your business, allowing for faster and smarter work. The primary use of the smartphone is to cut down the amount of time spent on data collection in order to serve and satisfy more customers every day.  

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The TC25 is a sister product to the previous TC20 which was launched in 2017. Whilst they share many similar features, the TC25 is targeted for mobile ‘on-the-road’ use whereas the TC20 was designed for indoor industries such as hospitality and retail. This means that the TC25 has protective features, guarding the technology against outdoor elements. As a result, Zebra refer to the TC20 as a mobile computer whereas the TC25 is considered to be a rugged smartphone.  

These rugged features enable the device to withstand extreme climactic conditions such as heat, cold, water and dust. The device has been tested to the MIL-STD 810G standard meaning that it will withstand much more than just mere tumbles and drops at work. The operating temperature for the smartphone is between 15 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit which makes the device suitable for virtually all industries. To add to the protection, the screen is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass making the phone far more robust and resistant to damage than the typical mobile device.  

What can the Zebra TC25 do? 

The Zebra TC25 also comes with a number of tools to benefit workers in the field, making deliveries or within the warehouse including barcode scanning, route management, document organisation and an option extra of snap-on power packs.  

The built-in barcode scanner is indicative of Zebra’s focus on fast and accurate scanning – speeding up a number of processes within businesses. Traditional smartphone cameras are not built for barcode scanning. This is precisely why the TC25 delivers the same scanning technology that drives many of the world’s field service teams. With the TC25 you get instant and effortless point-and-shoot capture of any electronic or printed barcode in virtually and condition. There is no aiming and no waiting – your workers will get their work done faster, more accurately and more efficiently. 

There are two barcode readers to choose from: the SE2100 which is an entry-level 1D/2D scanner and the SE4710 which is a higher-end 1D/2D scanner with a red LED, a scan range of 5cm to 75cm, plus a combination of on-board software/hardware scanning for faster capture and processing.

Zebra have included a real time routing and navigation system within the TC25 to appeal to workers whose jobs incorporate driving to customers, such as field technicians. The Google mobile services and GPS with A-GPS keeps drivers up to date on the best routes to customer locations and the latest traffic and road conditions. This allows drivers to arrive on time, every time meaning more stops per day and an increase in productivity. 

Once at their location the TC25 also allows workers to capture signatures and process payments in real time, scan items as they are both loaded onto and taken off the truck to ensure everything is in the right place and take rapid inventory.  

The device is designed to last throughout an entire shift, saving workers from wasting time waiting for their mobile computer to charge. All-day power is guaranteed however, Zebra offers an extension of their internal battery by offering optional additional external power-packs which can instantly be replaced with a freshly charged one. Other optional accessories available include a hand strap, holster, snap-on trigger handle, cases and more. These accessories allow for a wide range of tasks with reduced strain and improved efficiency.  

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What can you do with the Zebra TC25?  

  • Scan a barcode on parts, assets or packages to promote real time data to your backend system.  
  • Manage routes, tasks and work orders to make the most of every shift.  
  • Instantly document proof of delivery, proof of condition and more. 
  • Reach any workers with the touch of a button.   
  • Complete invoices on the spot to improve cash flow. 
  • Minimise labour costs and make more money.  
  • Real time routing and navigation keeps drivers up to date on the best routes to customer locations. 
  • Access maintenance history with a quick scan of a barcode. 
  • Scan items as they are loaded onto and off of the truck to ensure the right products are in the right places.     
  • Take rapid inventory count of store shelves.   
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