Zebra Z-Perform 1000T product guide

27 March 2013  |  Mike

Having discussed Zebra's direct thermal label range, we'll continue our occasional series of articles explaining the choice of label materials available to the Zebra and Datamax printer user with Zebra's economy thermal transfer label - Zebra Z-Perform 1000T.

Zebra Z-Perform 1000T is a thermal transfer self-adhesive paper label (thermal transfer is denoted by the use of the letter "T" at the end of the product name). It is Zebra's economy product in the thermal transfer labels range and is available for use in Zebra's desktop range (so LP2824 / TLP2824, GK420d / GK420t, GX420d / GX420t, GK430t) and mid-range and high-performance range printers (so S4M, ZM400, ZT220, ZT230, ZM600, 105SL, 110Xi4, 140Xi4, 170Xi4 and 220Xi4). Being a thermal transfer labels, it requires a ribbon to print. It is an uncoated thermal transfer paper label stock, which produces scannable bar codes and acceptable images when matched with Zebra 2300, 2100 and 5319 ribbons on Zebra thermal transfer printers.

Zebra Z-Perform 1000T comes with a permanent adhesive (that is, once the printed label is applied to the end product or box etc, it is designed to stay there permanently - there are other label materials available with a removable adhesive for applications requiring this). The adhesive gives good performance across a range of temperatures and on a wide variety of surfaces with the minimum temperature at which the label can be applied being 0°C (there are more suitable products if you are labelling products at a lower temperature than this).

We do hope you've find this product guide useful - to summarise Zebra Z-Perform 1000T :-
  • thermal transfer (so a ribbon is required)
  • for indoor use only
  • permanent adhesive (service temperature range between -20°C to 80ºC and minimum application temperature 0°C)
  • white, uncoated label stock 
  • lifespan - one year duration when stored at 0ºC to 21ºC at 35% to 50% RH
Suggested applications
  • Labelling of packaging materials e.g. boxes, pallets in logistics applications
  • Picking and receiving labels in warehousing applications
  • Product identification
  • Work-in-progress labelling
  • Shipping labels
  • Compliance labelling
You can check out the label sizes available for Zebra Z-Perform 1000T labels for Zebra desktop printers here and for Zebra mid-range, industrial and high-performance printers here.
Thanks for visiting. We'll post more product details on all of the Zebra, Datamax and Armor range. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us here.
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