Zebra ZKDU - Keyboard display unit demo - Video

29 October 2014

We take a look at the versatile Zebra ZKDU, an alternative to having a computer connected to your Zebra printer. We show how to load a label template onto a Zebra LP2824 desktop printer, and how a ZKDU can be to enter variable data into the label template.

The ZKDU, or Keyboard Display Unit, is designed for situations where a connected computer is impractical, perhaps a medical or catering setting, and saves space by eliminating a bulky host computer

We demonstrate some of the features of the Zebra ZKDU by editing a variable data field, as can be seen in the video below

The ZKDU retains all of the useful features of the legacy Keyboard Display Unit and adds support for ZPL formats, auto-sensing serial port, and auxiliary interface.  Both ZKDU and the legacy Keyboard Display Unit include a 62-key QWERTY keyboard with a two-line, 20-character display and compact form factor.


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