Everything you need to know about Zebra ZQ600 mobile printer range.

25 February 2019
The Zebra QLn series is reinvented as the ZQ600 mobile printer series

The ZQ600 series delivers all the features needed to maximise productivity and customer service. Shop associates can print everything from item tags, markdown labels and sale receipts right on the spot.

Released in 2019 to build upon the legacy of the QLn mobile printer series, the QZ600 has been developed by Zebra to transform the retail sector through high-volume label and receipt printing applications. The ZQ600 series delivers advanced technology and an innovative design that drives productivity and ease of use to a new level. 

The premium printer range takes customer ease of use to the next level with a large colour display screen a customisable menu for easy operation. The recognisable icons make the ZQ610 and ZQ620 easier to use than other mobile printer ranges – this means less training time, easier user experience and higher worker productivity. The screen clearly signals alerts, printer status and errors for the immediate resolution of issues. 

The ZQ600 series features the highest capacity battery in its class, in addition to Zebra’s patented Power Smart Print technology (PSPT). This advanced technology maximizes battery efficiency by calculating and delivering the exact amount of power required to provide the best quality during printing. The 3250mAH battery ensures that associates have plenty of power for every shift. Full shift power ensures that no productivity is lost. 

The Zebra QLn Series is reinvented as the ZQ600 mobile printer series

As well as advanced battery, the ZQ600 series comes with wireless capabilities that enable peak performance for applications such as pricing management and faster checkouts in retail stores. Zebra’s ZQ600 printers include the latest Wi-Fi capabilities to enable secure, stable connections that keep workers connected as they move throughout facilities. With support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi and its latest security protocols, the ZQ600 Series offers the fastest, most dependable wireless connection inside the four walls. And the industry's only instant wake-up over Wi-Fi feature delivers instant availability for your workers and maximum power efficiency.

The ZQ600 series is powered by one of Zebra’s latest developments, Print DNA. This suite of innovative applications, utilities and developer tools help deliver a superior printing performance. Print DNA allows for remote management of the mobile printer range giving centralised command and control. The remote control also allows for much easier integration when a number of mobile devices are in play.

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