Everything you need to know about the Zebra TC20

21 November 2018
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The Zebra TC20 is a durable, light and long-lasting mobile device developed by Zebra for indoor use within sectors such as retail and hospitality.  In terms of appearance, the TC20 looks just like any other modern mobile computer, a deliberate choice by Zebra. 

The familiar design and user interface have been designed with the user in mind. The added communication benefits for retail and hospitality needs, combined with the reasonable price, makes the TC20 a business necessity within many industries. 

While it’s designed for the familiarity of a modern mobile computer, there are also several add-ons which make the TC20 far more than a mobile computer – these are its rugged features.  

As mentioned, the TC20 was designed as a durable handset, able to endure drops and knocks as well as survive very dusty warehouse environments.  

Unlike the traditional modern smartphone, the TC20 also comes with an integrated barcode scanner, with models designed for 1D and 2D scanning. While regular smartphone scanners do have the ability to capture a barcode, it takes seconds to capture one, not to mention aligning it in the first place. The integrated scanner on the TC20 drastically cuts down this time increasing efficiency and productivity.  

Image of the Zebra TC20

The battery and power capabilities also set the TC20 apart from other devices. Zebra claim that the built-in battery lasts for an entire shift (10 hours). If this is not enough, the accessories include an external battery pack which can be snapped on to further lengthen battery. This is just one of many additional accessories for the TC20. The range also includes snap on trigger handles, holsters and charging cradles.  

For those that need further business functions and add-ons, the TC20 comes in a special keypad version. This model adds on approximately an inch in length by including a hardware keypad for those who prefer physical keys for significant amounts of data entry. 

Finally, if you are struggling with the choice between buying the TC20 and the TC75 – the sister model – for your business, the simplest difference between the two is that the TC25 is designed for on-the-road use meanwhile the TC20 has been designed for inside-the-business use.  

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