Introducing BarTender 2019

16 April 2019
BarTender 2019 - new product

We're pleased to announce the availability of the new Bartender 2019 label software from Seagull Scientific on our website. 

BarTender software transforms your business information into the labels, barcodes, RFID tags, smartcards, packing slips and pallet labels that drive your company. Major international enterprises trust their production lines to BarTender’s unmatched product quality and exceptional customer support. So do hundreds of thousands of smaller businesses around the world. BarTender software helps our customers improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance through easy, powerful design with Intelligent Templates; fast, accurate printing; comprehensive control and security; straightforward integration with existing business systems; and legendary technical support.

The new and updated 2019 software comes in three different levels: professional, enterprise and automation edition. Each type varies in complexities, price and target audience. 

BarTender 2019's Professional Edition is ideal for departments and small businesses, the BarTender Professional Edition enables you to leverage content from databases, spreadsheets and other files to create and print professional labels, RFID tags and smart cards using our exclusive Intelligent Templates.

The Automation edition is ideal for businesses that rely on speed and accuracy, the BarTender Automation Edition lets you combine forms, actions and system integrations to build a powerful automated printing solution that integrates with your current business systems.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise edition - the most complete edition, designed to solve every issue is ideal for businesses that operate in heavily regulated industries or span multiple locations, the BarTender Enterprise Edition lets you manage, secure and control your entire enterprise label system, whether in one location or across continents.

The real question, is what is new about BarTender 2019? 

  • The improved BarTender Designer introduces grids, tables, easy text wrapping, and the ability to use multiple database records in a single document, enabling customers to leverage BarTender for packing slips, invoices, pallet labels, and more.

  • The new Data Builder provides a built-in database that makes it easy to create and manage data securely within BarTender, reducing the need to use external databases. Customers who do use external data can now leverage improved connectors, write data back to most SQL-based databases, import data from an XML file, and use Azure-hosted databases.

  • Improved database connectors make it easier than ever to use data from existing business systems and formats such as XML, Azure SQL Database, and all versions of Microsoft Excel and Access.

Seagull Scientific have updated their licensing model and reduced the number of part numbers to simplify their offering and make ordering easier. With BarTender 2019, each paid edition is sold as a base license plus printer licenses. Printer licenses can be added in any quantity. Pricing is a simple addition of the base license plus the desired number of printer licenses. A new BarTender2019 license also comes with one free year of Standard Maintenance and Support.  Yearly renewals are calculated at 20% of the list price for the base license and printer add-ons.  Premium Maintenance and Support is available to Enterprise Edition customers for an additional 10% of the list price for the base license and printer add-ons.

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