Zebra TC25 v TC20

4 February 2019

Which of Zebra's mobile computer/rugged smartphone ranges is best for your business? 

Zebra has two ranges of rugged mobile devices the TC20 mobile computer and TC25 smartphone. The key difference between the two (besides one being a smartphone and one being a mobile computer) is that the TC20 is designed for indoor use whereas the TC25 is designed for on-the-road use. Indoor use refers to sectors such as retail and hospitality, meanwhile, on-the-road uses include such applications as delivery drivers and warehouse operatives. 

The biggest differentiating factor between the two ranges are the rugged features that have been developed for the TC25 range, making it more resistant to damage, adverse weather conditions and rough use. Indeed, the TC25 has IP65 sealing built in and is drop tested - multiple 1.2m drops to tile over concrere per MIL-STD 810G at room temperature. The rugged features enable the device to withstand extreme climatic conditions such as heat, cold, water and dust. This makes the device suitable for virtually all industries.  Whereas, the TC25 concentrates on features designed for the workplace environment help to save time and money in order to increase sales and boost profitability in your shop or establishment, right in the palm of your hand.  

All of the devices come with a built-in scanner, designed to increase the efficiency of your working operations. The key variation is the model of a scanner included - SE2100 1D/2D Imager or SE4710 1D/2D Imager, the latter being the higher quality model. 

We stock the following TC25 and TC20 models on our website: 

  • Zebra TC25 UK Kit 
  • Zebra TC25 EU Kit
  • Zebra TC25 Plus 
  • Zebra TC20 (no camera) 
  • Zebra TC20 Plus (rear camera) 
  • Zebra TC20 (RFID ready & rear camera) 
  • Zebra TC20 with keyboard

When looking at closer at the TC25 models, the biggest bonus to buying the UK/EU kit is that (unlike the other TC2X models) the kit comes with the charging accessories, simplifying the buying process. However, if it's the quality of the scanner you're after, the TC25 Plus is the smartphone for you as it houses an SE4710 1D/2D Imager, also making the device compatible with the popular trigger handle snap on accessory. The trigger is an ideal accessory for repetitive scanning i.e. in a warehouse situation - often making the decision between the two TC25 models for many people. 

Meanwhile, the key differences between the TC20 models are the quality of the scanner, the presence of a camera and the size. The TC20 Keyboard model is a larger mobile computer, ideal for workers who want a keyboard for inputting data rather than using a touch screen.
The TC20 (no camera)  is the most basic of the models and features an SE2100 1D/2D Scanner. Despite not being compatible with the snap-on accessories (trigger handle and RFID Sled), the price makes this an attractive mobile device for many small businesses looking to increase their sales and productivity.

The TC20 Plus is a slight upgrade on the TC20 (no camera) in that it comes with a better quality scanner and is compatible with the trigger handle. This makes it more suitable for businesses that are looking to be scanning on a larger-scale. 
Finally, the TC20 (RFID Ready) is the most specialist device of the TC20 range. When combined with the RFID Sled, this device is able to read RFID tags, enabling you to track individual objects and in turn, improve your retail operations, boost sales and increase inventory accuracy by up to 99%.

The best mobile device/rugged smartphone for your business is entirely dependent on what you're looking to use the terminal for, the level of usage and the quality of scanner that you're looking for. 

If you're still not sure which is the best model for you, or you'd like some additional information about the Zebra accessories to accompany the terminal, do not hesitate to get in touch with us on sales@smartlabelling.co.uk

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