Zebra Device Tracker

11 January 2019

Your Zebra Android mobile devices are an important part of your business strategy — every day they help streamline processes and better serve your customers. However, they are lost easily. Each time a device is misplaced, it has a negative impact on workforce productivity and your return on investment. While it’s easy for workers to misplace a device, with thousands of square feet in your retail store or warehouse, finding devices can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  

Launched yesterday (10/01/19), the Zebra Device Tracker makes it easy to track and find missing Zebra Android mobile devices. Part of Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite of value-add applications, this solution is easy to deploy with no additional costs or downloads. 
Whatever the size of your working environment, if your device is connected to your WiFi network, Device Tracker will help you track it. Available information on the Device Tracker includes the name of the device and the access point to which is it connected, remaining battery charge level, the time of the last report and any alerts associated with a device. Since you can see how many devices are in service at the start of every shift, you can ensure all devices are returned at the end of every shift, again improving the efficiency in your workplace. 

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This solution is complimentary as part of a Zebra OneCare support contract, providing an always available web-based device tracking dashboard and presence information for all of your customer's WiFi connected Zebra Android devices. Just download the server and mobile client applications from your Zebra Support and Downloads page. And since Device Tracker uses the devices and network infrastructure you already own — including Wi-Fi — there are no extra costs. 

The Device Tracker Client application securely connects to the server, ensuring that you can always track and find your devices — without compromising security. Just another reason that Zebra mobile devices are pioneers in the market.  

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Download the Zebra Device Tracker factsheet  

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